Jarlmanns saga og Hermanns

The University of Leeds Old Norse Reading Group (and some of Alaric's former students) are doing the first ever English translation of the Old Icelandic Jarlmanns saga og Hermanns. (Also known, in case you were worried that you haven't heard of it, as Hermanns saga og Jarlmanns.) This page will develop considerably over time as the translation develops, eventually pointing to the final publication.

The current draft of the translation is a Google Docs file here. But should you want to cite it, better to use the URL of this page, http://www.alarichall.org.uk/jarlmannssaga, because it will be stable whereas the Google Docs link won't be. If you see mistakes/areas for improvement (as well you may!), leave a comment on the Google Docs file!

Alaric, July 2014.

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