This page is legacy material from back in the days when Alaric was at Helsinki University in 2005-2007

Alaric works at the University of Helsinki, in Finland. This page is just so his friends in Britain can see him in his new habitat. Swedish is another of the university's official languages, and as you can see, it's quite similar to English. Finnish is the third, and it's a bit more different!

Alaric arbetar vid Helsingfors universitet, i Finland. Den här websidan är bara för att hans vänner kan se honom i hans nya habitat. Svenska är ett annat av universitetets officiella språk, och som man kan se, det är ganska liknande som engelska. Finska är det tredje, och det är inte så liknande!

Alaric on töissö Helsingin yliopistossa, Suomessa. Tämä websivu on tehty vain jotta hänen ystävänsä Britanniassa voivat nähdä hänet hänen uudessa elinympäristössään. Ruotsi on toinen yliopiston virallista kielistä, ja kuten voidaan nähdä, se on aika samanlainen kieli kuin englanti. Suomi on kolmas, ja se on vähän erilaisempi!

So, there's the building where Alaric works, the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies.

If you stand in the street outside the Collegium building and look south, this is what you see.

Look, it's sunny, not like in Glasgow!

And here's Alaric's office. It has books, and the wireless internet works!

But what if you're some lonely international student and you just need a hug? Fortunately, the university provides the HaliCard.

A hug or two for the holder of this card.
It's good to show this card before a hug.
Nyyti ry - student support centre
Keep your HaliCard safe. A lost HaliCard can be used by its finder.
The HaliCard improves with age.
The HaliCard is also valid while you are having a hug.
A Hug every three hours will save you from frustration, anxiety, stupidities (?) and other problems. A Dissertation-Hug is always helpful. An Exam-Hug before and after will console you. A Spring-Hug will stop you from falling over. A hug can be released into the wild. Every hug is eco-friendly.

Outside our home is wikiid! Here's the view from the balcony by daylight.

And here's the view by night!

Of course, Helsinki in the sun is not the only thing that Finland is about. Here's some real habitat, Ekenäs/Tammisaari early in April 2004. I took the picture and everything!

And here's one of Herttoniemi by Beth. We live here!

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