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Welcome to Alaric Hall's website. Alaric is a lecturer in the School of English, University of Leeds, where he teaches and researches on the Middle Ages in north-west Europe--particularly Scandinavia and early medieval Britain. If you want to read more of Alaric's work in these fields, most of it is available here, free access.

Alaric also likes to play drums, go to old man pubs, stay in his tent, and try to read books from Finland, Iceland and Sweden. If you still want to know more about him, his travelblogue from summer 2009 is here, his 2011 travelblogue here, and there's an interview with him here.

To contact Alaric, use in the first instance his permanent forwarding e-dress, Or, for snail mail: School of English, University of Leeds, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds. LS2 9JT. United Kingdom.

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